The Best GM Body Parts

Your vehicle's body has many panels. They may seem like little more than thin sheets of metal, plastic, or fiberglass, but they each have their own important jobs to do.

For one, they help protect you and your passengers during an accident. Secondly, they seal off your interior from weather and debris. Thirdly, they safeguard your vehicle's many mechanical and electrical components and help prevent their corrosion. Some body panels can even improve how aerodynamic your ride is in some cases.

Most vehicles have several different types. Bumper panels, on the one hand, stand up to front- and rear-end impacts. Quarter panels, on the other, are welded surfaces between trunks and rear doors. Header panels contain headlights and grilles.

Rear panels are found between quarter panels and rear bumpers. Valance panels shunt air under a bumper and add a stylish look in certain cases. Cowl panels, however, cover windshield wipers and protect a cowl from rainwater and debris. Rocker panels are a little different. They're structural supports, found below car doors, between the front and rear wheels.

The signs a car body needs replacement are usually obvious. Change panels if they're severely rusted, they've begun vibrating or making strange noises, or they're scratched, dented, or cracked. Just be sure you get body parts that are the right fit.

Repair Your Vehicle's Body | Install Genuine GM Parts

Your best option is to get genuine OEM parts right from your brand. They'll come compatible with your model, guaranteed. Our auto parts counter has what you're looking for, from door assemblies to hoods, trunks, and more, and buying online is as easy as a few clicks. Order now.

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